For our refrigerated trailers the minimum hire period is 3 days and we have no maximum hire period. This is the period which you will be invoiced for.

We can supply a trailer for less than 3 days but you will be invoiced for our minimum hire period. We can supply and collect for 2 or 1 days and even on the same day if your need requires the use of the trailer for only a short amount of time, however it does take the trailer a number of hours to reach you required operating temperature so we advise that it best to have the trailer in place and running the day before you require it as to ensure it ready for use.

refrigerated trailer

If you need a trailer for an emergency hire then the minimum hire period is the same and we will supply the trailer to you ready to use but again please be aware it may take the trailer a few hours to reach your set temperature.

If you finish with trailer before the minimum hire ends then we will come and collect the trailer from you but again you will be charged for the minimum usage of 3 days.


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